With millions of apps and billions of downloads, there has never been a more pressing time to build an app.

More than 6 million dollars of app sales happen every… single… day.

We have helped countless companies and individuals take their unique app concept and turn it into reality. Our role is to assist you in scoping your idea, wire framing and designing a great interface that engages users. We will build a modern, fast and world class software application and then deploy your completed app to the world via the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Not sure where to start? Consider the following tips when thinking about your idea:

Tip 1: Apple vs Android

The worlds biggest app store vs the worlds fastest growing app store – there are many advantages to both and understanding the platform to build your app is critical to it's success. Most people don't realise that building an Android app is often double the cost of building an Apple app. Why? The biggest reason is an issue called 'device fragmentation', to learn more about this download our free 'Apple vs Android' guide below for the answers.

Download our Apple vs Android Guide
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Tip 2: Portrait vs Landscape

A common assumption is that when building an app it will automatically work on both a portrait and landscape format, not true. Each orientation needs to be specifically designed, and with the release of the iPhone 6 plus the landscape orientation has the ability to have different functions than the portrait layout. It's important to think about how your idea works and what orientations will be most useful for your users.

Tip 3: Mobile Phone vs Tablet

Another common assumption is that if you build an app for a mobile phone it automatically will scale to a tablet. Not true. With Apple for example, you have the choice to build your app in 3 different ways, a mobile app, a tablet app or a Universal app which is an app that works on a phone and a tablet combined. It is more expensive than building just a phone app, but less expensive than building a phone and tablet app combined.


These plus many more are the type of decisions you will need to make about your app for it to be successful. Contact us to receive a free consultation about the viability of your concept.

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We build iPhone and iPad apps in Swift for the world's biggest app store.

Made by Google, we build dynamic and flexible app solutions for the Android platform.

Using C++ or VB.NET, we create powerful Windows Phone apps for the marketplace.

"Right from the first creative brainstorming session, the guys at Eyedea brought my plan to life and made it far better. Any issues or hiccups they have been on hand to respond and resolve immediately. Great support and great results."

Terry Cornick Founder | VIP Locum

Mobile Websites

Is your website mobile enabled? 45% of your customers think it should be.

A mobile phone website is completely different to a mobile app.

A mobile enabled website allows users to view a mobile interface of your website when they view it on their mobile phone browser - not something they download from the app store.

More than 45% of worldwide users now search for websites via a mobile device and Google recently released data showing that 9 out of 10 users would be happy to make an online purchase via a mobile device.

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