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With the latest technology in house, our office is also a place of fun.

"The team at Eyedea gave me confidence in web designers again!"

Stephanie Poole Marketing Director | Chaps Menswear

Meet the boys and girls

We are a happy bunch, and while we take what we do seriously and are always following the latest trends & technologies, we also like to be random, have fun and eat watermelons.

Matt Bennell Marketing Strategist

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Owen Hardman Aftercare & QA

Everything has a place, if it's not perfect it's not right. Likes wearing pink.

Matt Etherington Developer

Probably the oldest developer we have, but there's no substitute for experience.

Andrew Martin Senior Developer

If he didn't work here, he would be making a living hustling on a Guitar Hero arcade machine. True story.

Marise Weir Project Manager

Smart, witty, intelligent… oh hang on… are we still talking about Marise?

"Quality is doing it right when no one is looking"

Jed Carey Web Strategist

Fast is not fast enough, double strength coffee is for amateurs, lets make it happen!

Jordan Grauf Design

My creativeness is comprised of three elements… Surfing, coffee and more surfing.

Robert Brinkmann Developer

Wears a cape… well not really… but he'd like to… someday…

Craig Barben Developer

I am not the hero that this office deserves, I am the one that it needs.

Chris Noble Developer

Fueled by coffee, tackles the ineffable itself, to see if we can eff it after all.

Melinda Moore Office Manager

Don't joke about being random, being organised is very serious business.

Amanda Peaper Accounts

Spends more time cooking scrumptious food than working. Enjoys paying out Owen.

"If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0"

Chris Read Consultant Developer

So in tune with programming, he can sense syntax errors from miles away.

"If you are not supposed to eat cows, then why are they made of food?"

9 Steps of Magic

Building a fantastic website doesn't happen by mistake.

  • 01 Consultation

    Initial meeting to discuss requirements of your project.


  • 02 Strategy

    The strategy phase determines the goals & objectives of the new website. It establishes such things as the key demographics and research on competition.

    After the strategy is complete you will receive an analysis of your new website, it's goals and a review of any competitors websites.

    This information is key to the development of a successful website.

  • 03 Wireframes

    Eyedea will create a wireframe of the key areas of the website showing how to achieve the goals set out in the strategy. This will show the position of the elements on the pages.

    Wireframes are the blueprints for the website design. They highlight position and importance of elements to be designed.

    This step is an internal step to assist us in designing your website.

  • 04 Content

    Content comes in 2 parts, we need the literal content for your website which you are welcome to provide to us, or at a fee we can get a professional copywriter involved.

    The second part of content is the actual messages that you want to portray, this can be achieved in both words and design.

  • 05 Design

    Initial Design concepts will be submitted.

    Based on the agreed outcomes in the strategy, wireframe, and content phases; our designers will produce a high quality, awesome website interface.

    Design approval will be submitted before proceeding to the development phase.

  • 06 Development

    The development of the website based on the quote and the approved designs.

    Eyedea will submit a (beta) test version of the website for testing and client submission and training purposes.

    The timeline will completely depend on the size and complexity of your project.

  • 07 QA & Training

    Before any website goes live it has to pass our stringent QA (Quality Assurance) program – this process ensures your website is rigorously tested prior to launch.

    All websites need a signed 'project finalisation agreement' before going live.

  • 08 Site Live & Aftercare

    Once the site has been completed and passed our quality assurance program, the site will be deployed to a live server.

    Once the site is live you will have a dedicated aftercare specialist that you can contact directly if you have any questions.

  • 09 Complete

    The project is complete.


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